Lionel Messi Breaks Telmo Zarra’s La Liga All-Time Goalscoring Record

It was only a matter of time before Lionel Messi was finally crowned as the greatest scorer in the history of the Spanish La Liga, reaching 253 league goals with a hat trick in a 5-1 win for Barcelona over Sevilla, leaving the record of Telmo Zarra behind.

For one night, it was a bit beyond the title race and the individual scoring rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi was racing history, no one and nothing else. At the age of 27, amid rumors he might actually leave Barcelona in the near future, he added another crowing achievement.

The first goal came with a beautiful free kick to put his team in the lead. The other two, coming in the garbage time of the match, came with the help of Neymar, setting up both goals. The third one, after Messi had already broken the record, was especially pretty with a fine 1-2 combination between the two on the edge of the box.

Maybe he is on the decline, and his best has been already seen. That is quite amazing to think about – being so good, and actually not at your best.

In our opinion, he isn’t only the best footballer in the world, he’s also the best of all-time. We’ve dived into the reasons in the distant and less distant past, and we’ll probably go into the argument again. A crowning achievement like this one only makes his case stronger, at least in the Spanish League, but his legend goes well beyond it.