Even Messi Cries After Losing to Real

Lionel Messi doesn’t usually show us the weaker side of him. Hardly being involved in failing moments since Pep Guardiola became the head coach of Barcelona, we’re used to seeing Messi triumphant and victorious each and every time. La Liga titles, Champions League matches and Clasicos against Real Madrid.

Frustration? Anger? During losses Messi doesn’t show much emotion, or handles interviews with venom or frustration. During his Argentinian summer and the Copa America, Messi was clearly hurting, but his face didn’t reveal much.

Well, like with everything, when you dig a little bit deeper, things start to show up. A photo released by the club yesterday showed the Barcelona dressing room after their 1-0 loss against Real Madrid at the Copa del Rey final last season, Barcelona’s only loss against Real Madrid since May 2008. It shows somber looks from Mascherano and Iniesta, but what stands out is Lionel Messi crying.

Anything new? Nope. Footballers cry, even the biggest stars. But it reveals something about Messi that we haven’t seen before. A more human side. Something we hardly see from the best player in the world. Some can take this and spin it into – ‘this what makes him so successful…’ Take it to anywhere you want. For me, it just shows a kid, who just wants to win, showing us his human side.

Maybe it’ll teach us (including me) to say that the loss at the Spanish Cup to Real Madrid didn’t really matter. When it comes to titles and this Barcelona team, each and every one of them matters.

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