Lionel Messi, Now Also in the Spanish Dictionary

If it’s in the dictionary, it has to be true, right? It’s always amazing the spread of the Lionel Messi phenomenon reaches to. The latest installment in the growing craze around the Barcelona footballer is an inclusion of a new word in a certain Spanish dictionary, Inmessionante.

Well, what is Inmessionante? It has two meanings. A) Describing the perfect way to play football, an unlimited capacity for self improvement. An adjective describing how to ‘bend it like Messi’, borrowing a term from a mediocre movie.

B)  Describes the best player of all time.

If anything can stir up an argument more than who is the best footballer alive today, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, putting Messi on a list with the all-time greats is probably it. Some “purists” still claim that without a World Cup trophy on his resume, there’s no reason to discuss the matter.

Leaving subjective arguments for a different time, the new dictionary inclusion of Lionel Messi is another example of just how big the tiny Argentine player is, even without trying to be. Sometimes, just by being an incredible footballer without doing or saying much off the pitch, you become so much more.