Lionel Messi Plays Football With a Boy in a Wheelchair

You don’t always have to score five goals in one match or win a number of league and European titles to win adoration and respect. Lionel Messi visited the house of¬†Valentino Zegarelli in Argentina, and photos of him passing the ball with the kid in the wheelchair while talking to the family is probably better than anything he ever did on the pitch.

Between playing in World Cup qualifiers, the biggest football star in Argentina and probably the world (unless Cristiano Ronaldo fans have something to say about it), who really isn’t known for his life off the pitch and away from the Barcelona and Argentina jerseys decided to do something nice, or some would say beautiful, and on his way improving his social standing in a way.

Zegarelli used the extension of his wheelchair to pass the ball around with Messi in his living room before the two moved outside to continue their special day, while people (only three) took notice of the event and recorded it for the rest of the world to see shortly after.

Messi, Zegarelli