Lionel Messi Scores His Greatest Argentina Goal Ever

While Cristiano Ronaldo was busy getting frustrated against Germany, Lionel Messi brought out his full arsenal of goals and tricks to lead Argentina in their 4-3 win over Brazil. Just a friendly, but nothing between these two nations is just an exhibition.

In a season that saw Messi set a new record for goals scored in the La Liga (50) and in all competitions during a European Season (73), even his famous disappointing performances for Argentina had to stop. Again, this was just a friendly, with Brazil playing with the lineup they’ll use for the Olympic games while Argentina played with their best. Still, in New York, it was a big match, with Messi stepping up big time.

I don’t know what was better. Rebounding after Brazil scored the opener through Romulo in the 23rd minute with two lightning quick goals in the 31rd and 34th minutes after great assists and brilliant runs from Messi, or his wonderful goal in the 85th minute, probably the most impressive he has scored for Albicelste or for anyone this season, beginning a wonderful dribble from the halfway line and conjure a long range finish ending up in Rafael Barbosa’s net.

The world is still moving while the Euro has begun in Eastern Europe – NBA Finals, Roland Garros, World Cup qualifiers in South America, North America, Asia and Oceania. Germany’s win over Portugal might have been the biggest match of the day in terms of importance. But Lionel Messi’s incredible hat trick and winner against Brazil still pulled up as the top moment of the day.

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