Lionel Messi – The 91 Goals Infographic

    This will be the last time we mention Lionel Messi scoring 91 goals until he wins the Ballon d’Or, which will leave most of us flabbergasted if it doesn’t happen. The numbers have been talked about to death. The comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo is useless, at least until the two meet on the pitch again. An infographic of where all his goals where scored from? That’s interesting.

    Yes, there are a few with the head. Even a 1.69 (5’7) at best can get a few with his hair. He even did it in the 2009 Champions League final for those who forgot. Messi added the free kick weapon this year, and it is true that his power and ability to score more from a distance is yet another addition to his perfect and ever growing scoring arsenal. Iker Casillas conceded twice from pretty much the same position this season, although his most memorable one was the no-wait shot against Atletico Madrid last season.

    This infographic also serves as some sort of teaching tool for goalkeepers who face penalty in penalty kicks. Hint: dive to your left, most chances he’s going to shoot there. Never stay in the middle.

    Hat tip