Luis Suarez Did Everything But Score (Liverpool vs Bolton)

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Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish are getting there. Luis Suarez was brilliant, unstoppable. Everything Liverpool eventually managed to do, which was three goals and a very impressive display this evening at Anfield, happened through all of the mayhem Suarez created in that Bolton back four. A comfortable 3-1 win, which could have been much more resounding.

And Lee Probert is a terrible referee. Missing clear cut penalties, fouls, handballs and what else. But lets move on to the game. Not starting Andy Carroll was Dalglish’s best decision this season so far. The ball stayed on the ground, and a fully fit Luis Suarez was everywhere. On the wings, in the middle. The mostly British midfield of Henderson, Adam and Downing with the addition of Lucas seems to be clicking.

Even Martin Skrtel scored, while Henderson and Adam got their premier goals for their new Premier League team. Martin Skrtel had plenty of freedom after he came on for Martin Kelly at right back. The Botlon defense was totally focused on stopping Suarez and Kuyt, both never stopping to change spots for an instant.

The aggression is there, and doesn’t cease, something the Liverpool didn’t seem to keep up during the first game at home against Sunderland. It was there against Arsenal, but the flow of the game wasn’t. Anfield, for the first time this season, pushed the Liverpool players to an impressive and fun display.

But if only Suarez could score, there would have been a greater sense of justice at the end of the 90 minutes. Suarez works so hard and creates so much havoc among defenders, including Gary Cahill who might have played his last game for Bolton, it was a shame he didn’t get a goal or two. I think Paul Robinson is still having nightmares.

And one last note – Ivan Klasnic can’t stop scoring. Even if he had a terrible match, along with every other Bolton player except for Martin Petrov, he is the only player in the league with a goal in every match so far.