Liverpool Couldn’t Score Against a Bought Vukasin Poleksic

There is no confirmation, but it seems that the Champions League match on English soil under the suspicion of match fixing is Liverpool vs Debrecen from the 2009-2010 group stage, a match which the Reds won 1-0, but allegedly Debrecen goalkeeper Vukasin Poleksic was paid to concede at least three goals in the match.

This revelation has sparked mostly jokes at the expense of Liverpool, being so bad that they couldn’t even score more than one goal against a goalkeeper that was paid to throw the match by a Croatian crime syndicate. Liverpool had 8 shots on target during the match, as Dirk Kuyt scored the only one right before half time.

Poleksic was paid to allow three goals, triggering the ‘over 2.5 goals’ bet line, but for some reason, was in pretty good shape on the day, or at least so it seemed. Liverpool possibly didn’t have enough shots at goal. Liverpool are also not a part of the investigation; it’s all on Poeksic.

The Montenegrin goalkeeper was approached to throw the match between Fiorentina and Debrecen later in the same group stage, a match Debrecen lost 4-3. Poleksic received a two-year ban from UEFA for failing to report a match-fixing approach. According to reports, German police have already established that match was subject to match-fixing from the Croatian-led crime syndicate. Poleksic ban ended on June 30, 2012, and he has already played a few matches for the Hungarian club this season.

Image: Liverpoolecho