Liverpool Stay Busy With Signings of Downing and Doni

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Stewart Downing (27 caps for England), 20 million pounds. Donieber Alexander Marangon, mostly known as Doni, free transfer. Liverpool, currently touring Asia for some nice Asian cash and even for the sake of pre season gelling and improvement, have now signed four players this off season, as Downing and Doni join Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson.

If these transfers mean anything, especially Downing’s, is that Liverpool are willing to spend tons of money on less than top class British talent. Henderson is too young and inexperienced unless they see something extremely hidden. He’s a promising young man, no doubt about that. The future of England and Liverpool in the middle? Too early to tell. Charlie Adam – more proven, and an actual goal threat, by pass or his shooting ability. I don’t know how much room Liverpool have in the middle with Steven Gerrard, Charlie Adam and Raul Meireles as midfielders looking to attack. That’s Kenny’s problem.

Doni makes a solid backup for Reina, maybe some sort of threat on the job between the goalposts. With the Suarez and Carroll additions last year, the NESV group has provided plenty of cash for Kenny Dalglish to spend. Is it money well spent? I liked all the signings until Downing.

Yes he’s English, his 26, and he’s proven. But not proven in a way that makes you feel he’ll be the one to help the team make the leap back to title contender and Champions League member. Two years ago, before his Villa days, yes. After the injury? I’m not so sure. Last season was pretty good on a bad team for him, and he’s one of the best set piece takers in the Premier League, with the bonus of a usually much needed left foot. Still, a bit too expensive, right?

Busy Summer

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I like the ambition and the willingness to spend on pieces the club was missing. Dalglish seems to have a lot of faith in the youngsters he started bringing up last season to man the trenches of the back four, and is building on Premier League talent to solidify the midfield. I don’t see Lucas staying much longer with the side. I think he shouldn’t, but there are going to be unhappy people not playing week in and week out. The attacking force? Kuyt, Suarez, Carroll, N’Gog. Maybe more.

It’s going to be an interesting season at Anfield, one of the last, probably. But I am wondering if an expensive signing like Downing is going to be a major upgrade or just another minor bolstering of a crowded midfielders roster.