Liverpool Fans Hate & Respect Paul Scholes at the Same Time

It’s no secret that Liverpool fans hate anything and everything to do with Manchester United. Paul Scholes is part of that equation, but it doesn’t mean his greatness as a footballer isn’t appreciated. His sense of humor and ability to take banter with a smile on his face is probably part of why he’s so well respected.

Liverpool fans were locked in the Santiago Bernabeu after their 1-0 loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League, so they decided to have some fun and maybe warm up by singing lewd songs about the commentators and TV people down below.

It’s not hard to spot Paul Scholes, even from so high up the stadium, with his ginger mane shining under the floodlights. Liverpool fans have been through a lot of pain and agony because of him over the years, so it was no surprise they directed their singing at him.

Scholes reacted by simply smiling and waving back. He might not have heard the nicest of words (You ginger manc t**t), but he knows it’s all part of the rivalry, and there’s no real harm and menace in the words. Liverpool fans applauded him for waving back, and went on to grill Adrian Chiles.

Paul Scholes