Liverpool FC – Luis Suarez Can’t Catch a Break

Obviously, when a Liverpool fan makes a video about how Luis Suarez is being short changed by the referees this season, it’s will be taken with a grain of salt. After the Uruguayan added yet another pathetic dive to his repertoire  you can only expect only more ignoring from referees to his appeals.

Are referees ignoring fouls on Suarez? I don’t think there’s some higher power instructing them to let defenders have a field day with Suarez’ ankles, but after the Evra case and getting to know his reputation for diving and making a meal of any touch, refs believe it’s 95% of the times a dive or something along those lines, even when Suarez is literally kicked 5-10 yards in front of them. Maybe there’s some consensus decision to hate the guy and let him get beaten up every match, but that sounds too conspiracy theory to me.

Whatever the reason is, for every time Suarez tries to dive and win a free kick and a call unfairly, he probably gets actually fouled about three times as much, rarely getting a call going his way. For one of the better strikers in the world, elusive, strong and fast, that’s a huge disadvantage knowing he’s going into every physical confrontation and will lose the decision, not to mention the chance of losing the ball and getting hurt, on almost every occasion.

Luis Suarez has to change the way he plays and reacts. Getting the dirty player, not to mention racist label off your back seems extremely hard, even impossible. But Brendan Rodgers had a point two weeks ago when he spoke about the referees and them turning a blind eye, on purpose or not, on some decisions that should have gone Liverpool’s way.

At some point, it all becomes a bit ridiculous  as Suarez’ diving becomes more severe while referees ignore even the more blatant of fouls on him, and a stomp like Robert Huth’s, which might be missed by the ref on the pitch, is ignored by the FA as well, who have no love for the club or the player during the recent year.