Liverpool FC – Loic Remy Has The Same Amount of Goals as Their Strikers

Loic Remy

Mostly a garbage time striker this season playing for Chelsea off the bench, Loic Remy has been very efficient when you condense his work to goals per minutes. When viewing totals, his two Premier League goals are still the same amount as the entire Liverpool strikeforce (Mario Balotelli, Daniel Sturridge, Rickie Lambert) has managed to produce.

While Sturridge shouldn’t really be put into the discussion because he has barely played this season, picking up an injury every time he seemed to be coming back, it’s fair to say Mario Balotelli has been an absolute disaster for the team. He has scored goals in the Champions League and the League Cup, but nothing in the league, looking lost and frustrated when playing in Rodgers’ unsuccessful tactical system.

Lambert didn’t cost as much as Balotelli and was never going to be a starter, which makes his one league goal a bit more excusable. He’s also been playing better than Balotelli, finding the one-striker formation a bit more suitable to his talents.

And Remy? He has only 160 minutes of football this season, spread over eight matches. He has two goals in that short time. The same as Liverpool’s strikers, with Lambert and Sturridge combining to score the unimpressive two goals as well.

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