Liverpool FC – Luis Suarez Wants to Win a Championship

Luis Suarez

It’s not quite certain Luis Suarez is going to stay with Liverpool much longer, but it seems the Uruguayan striker wants to make the most of whatever time is left, and lead back the club to the top of the Premier League and win that championship that everyone has been waiting to win again for the past 23 years.

The same Suarez that practically begged to be sold to Real Madrid, and Barcelona, and then Arsenal when it looked like the Gunners were the only team willing to spend money on him. The same player now seems perfectly happy with his role and his team at Anfield, thinking this might be the year not only to bring back the team into the Champions League, but actually win a title.

The 2-0 loss to Arsenal proved that Liverpool might not be good enough to make such claims. Losses can happen, but when comparing their squad to those they’re facing in the race for the title, it seems like there’s a reason why no one is taking them completely seriously.

There’s also Brendan Rodgers to consider – his tactics have been changing and sometimes surprising, but his tendency to be a little bit cautious, maybe too cautious, on away matches against big clubs might be costing his team points. It’s something that happened more than once last season as well, and Liverpool’s first half performance at the Emirates wasn’t a surprise to those who are used to seeing them give up initiative against teams with a superior reputation.

Suarez doesn’t fit into that attitude, never will. Part of his reasoning to leave the club was the small-time thinking and lack of success in recent years. However, things are different this year, at least after about a quarter of the way behind them. Their squad might not be as deep and rich with quality when compared to Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City, but not having European matches to “bother” them gives them at least one advantage in the long race to the Premier League title, or at least a spot in the Champions League.

It’s more than 20 years since the club won the title. The expectation is enormous. This season, we’ve started well, with desire and hope. We don’t have European competition, which is going to allow us to focus 100% on the league. This season in the Premier League, there is very little between the teams. Anything can happen against anyone. It’s up to us to take advantage of that situation. 

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