Liverpool FC – The New Luis Suarez?

The 10-match suspension and summer transfer drama hasn’t really affected Luis Suarez considering he has scored three times on his first two matches since coming back, but it might be more important to see if he’s a changed man in terms of his temper and behavior on the pitch as long as he keeps wearing the Liverpool shirt.

To expect Suarez to be completely rusty once he returned wasn’t in line with the amount of matches he played for Uruguay during his long suspension, or being involved in the preseason preparation for Liverpool. ¬†Goals, especially against Sunderland and Crystal Palace, possibly the two weakest teams in the league, wasn’t such a big surprise.

Suarez has scored three goals in two matches so far this season
Suarez has scored three goals in two matches so far this season

Some players are above controversy in terms of how it affects them. Suarez seemed like he was doing everything he could to leave Liverpool during the summer, but the club held firm. Whether it was Steven Gerrard or simply his agents that eventually convinced him that it’s not worth fighting anymore, Suarez accepted his fate and never looked back.

There’s a long season ahead before Suarez is once again under pressure from other clubs, specifically Real Madrid, already thinking about their next big signing, to leave Liverpool. However, according to Liverpool’s start this season, this might be the year that changes the club’s direction and fortunes, and if Suarez is a big part of that, he might like what he sees so much that all thoughts of playing somewhere else will disappear.

It’s been common knowledge that Liverpool rely on him more than anyone else for the last season and a half. From trying to move on from being completely dependent on Steven Gerrard, Liverpool simply replaced the name that determines whether they play well or not. However, the suspension proved to be a chance to evolve, as there seems to be a bright future even if Suarez isn’t playing, with Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge and the defensive additions Rodgers made – Simon Mignolet, possibly the best goalkeeper in the Premier League, and Mamadou Sakho, who could turn out to be a defensive rock for years to come.

Maybe without that kind of pressure, Suarez can be happy with the place he’s in once again. He doesn’t seem too troubled early on, but maybe that’s just the proffesional in him, that swallows his pride and simply plays for himself, to be great, no matter the situation. On the way, he might bring Liverpool to a good enough place it’ll change his mind about wanting to leave. Getting rid of those demons that make him do unexpected things with a negative twist is a big part of Suarez’ growth, turning into somewhat of a Liverpool legend.