Anfield, Liverpool and Visiting “Big” Clubs Create Another Draw

Liverpool made it their 8th draw in 12 home games this season. They still haven’t lost at Anfield, with Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham all dropping points, but they haven’t won much either. The 0-0 draw against Spurs was more of the same in a disappointing season for Kenny Dalglish’s side.

Big team comes to Anfield? Repeat, repeat. Teams that want to win the title or at least make a serious challenge just play like mid-table achievers at best. All the good football that Tottenham usually produce, with Modric and Parker (who took a brutal beating through the 90 minutes) busy with defending and Gareth Bale sent after lost balls to try and poach a goal on his own against the Liverpool defense.

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It’ll be interesting to see Suarez and Gerrard, finally, playing more minutes together. A club that suffered from over reliance on one player in previous years didn’t really change its skin this season, with Suarez focusing almost all of the attention before his suspension. Steven Gerrard has since returned, playing rather well, but Liverpool’s ability to create goals hasn’t really looked much better.

Charlie Adam simply doing nothing, Jay Spearing trying to do stuff he has know ability to execute, while crossing to Andrew Carroll seems like a good idea, but only actually works if players join him in the box, which doesn’t happen too often. Liverpool did look more dangerous when Suarez came on, with his usual fire and pestering presence, but it was too little, too late.

But in general, besides some good moments of pace and a physical game, nothing much to write home about for most teams. Tottenham aren’t title material, not without a striker to rely on and and not without a scared mentality in matches such as these. For Liverpool, it was another reminder that the money spent by the American owners might have been used more wisely on better or more suitable players.