Looks Like LeBron James Has a Hair Problem Again

LeBron James

It hasn’t been long since LeBron James wowed everyone by presenting new Nike shoes while also showing off a hairline that doesn’t fit the description of balding. Fast forward a week or so into the future, and the missing pieces of his vanguard on top of his head are too obvious to ignore.

For a moment there, we thought he got a transplant, plugs. It turns out, although it’s nothing official, that James went the Carlos Boozer way, and used special spray that makes it seem like you have a full set of hair on your head. It looks like it’s not something that lasts for very long if you don’t take pretty good constant care of the situation.

Why should we or anyone care about his expanding forehead situation? We really shouldn’t, but the harmless fascination is one of the biggest and most important things during off and preseason for some reason. Talking about how the new big three are going to look for the Cleveland Cavaliers has grown to be slightly tiresome. The LeBron James hairline isn’t mentioned every day, so it feels like a new, fresh subject each time it comes up.

James Hair

People always know what’s best for someone else. Growing bald? The advice is usually to shave the head, or get an artificial replacement. James chose to do something unique: He took care of things for a corporate gig, but a week later, photographed in a gym, the magic was gone. James wasn’t wearing the headband, and looked once more like a guy losing his hair, not being bothered by it for once.

James actually put the headband for the Cavs’ media day, hiding the area in question. Pretty soon real basketball will begin so the hair issues, hairline and other immensely important questions will make way for talk about actual basketball. Until then? Have patience, but James’ expanding bald spots are still a matter of headline news.

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