Los Angeles Lakers – Terrible, Especially Without Jeremy Lin

Nets beat Lakers

In the previous game Jeremy Lin was still playing but was already doing it ill. Against the Brooklyn Nets he was part of the long list of injured, resting and inactive players.

The Nets beat the Lakers 107-99 which puts them, for now, 8th in the East. The Lakers, playing with Jordan Clarkson (18 points) and Wayne Ellington in the backcourt, are 3.5 games above the Minnesota Timberwolves, second from last in the West. Jordan Hill led them with 22 points.

This is the list of players that were inactive for the Lakers’ loss to the Nets: Jeremy Lin, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Nick Young, Ed Davis and Carlos Boozer. Imagine what an actual NBA coach could have done with this team this season. Sure, not a championship and maybe not even a playoff, but certainly more than the depressing product the Lakers almost seem to be purposely putting on display this season.

The Lakers had just Robert Sacre, Jordan Hill and Jabari Brown coming off the bench. This game was almost unwinnable right from the start, especially without an actual point guard on the floor and a lineup that has no way of defending well or doing anything clever or structured offensively. Maybe it Byron Scott had taught them something during the season.

The funny thing is that he’ll be listed as a developmental force in Clarkson’s rookie season, which has been a good one, although the numbers are misleading considering the Lakers are playing for him and through him a lot more than they should be. Scott had done nothing positive for this team this season, and will likely remain a negative force until he gets fired at some point. That’s why Jeremy Lin, even if he does get offered a deal by the Lakers, shouldn’t stay one second more than he has to.

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