LSU Were Terrible in the BCS National Championship Game For a Reason

The LSU Tigers came into the national championship game as the best team in college football, undefeated, proud, intimidating. They already beat Alabama in the regular season game in an ugly 9-6 “Game of the Century”. They got run over by the Alabama Crimson Tide 0-21, and more and more rumors are circulating, saying that the loss wasn’t only because of ‘Bama’s incredible defense.

Les Miles’ two quarterback philosophy fell apart mid-season. Well, it was never a 2-quarterback philosophy in the first place. He was just waiting for Jordan Jefferson to be available full time. Since the Alabama game, Jefferson, not exactly better than Jarrett Lee, just different, got the starting role almost exclusively.

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Apparently, that didn’t sit very well with some of the players, especially as Jefferson’s problems with fumbles kept repeating, all while the Tigers were still winning.

So what does the rumor mill say to us? A few hours before the game, the offensive linemen and a few receivers, with T-Bob Hebert and Russell Sheppard, got into a heated argument with Les Miles and the offensive coordinator, regarding Jarrett Lee’s playing time, of which he should get more of. Miles, as expected, wasn’t exactly happy about the guys approaching him.

Miles benched Hebert and Sheppard, later calling Lee into his office, telling him he won’t be playing in the game. The OC, Greg Studrawa, was also in the mind to let Lee play, or at least play more than he had in the final weeks of the season, thinking it would be giving the Tigers a better chance against Alabama. Miles told him he can start looking for another job and took over the play calling job. You saw how well that went.

According to sources, most of the plays practiced in training prior to the game were not preformed. Hebert didn’t take a snap during the game, Sheppard only 3. Jordan Jefferson was seen arguing more than once with his offensive line on the sidelines as things kept getting worst.

Miles going up to Lee and telling him to go in the game with 3 minutes left, only to get a “Go F^&% yourself.

Something was definitely off in that game. Miles’ play calling, the body language down at the sidelines. All this info, true or not, may explain or suggest that the guys up front weren’t giving the best of efforts. It may also suggest what kind of person Miles is, for good and for worse, depending on your views.