Lucas Moura – Going to Manchester United or PSG?

It all depends on where you get your news from. In Europe, and especially the United Kingdom, it’s all about how Manchester United have finally taken care of business and are on the verge of signing Lucas Moura from Sao Paulo for £30 million. According to reports from France and Brazil, the 19 year old prefers to play for Paris Saint-Germain, who have also agreed on the terms with the Brazilian club.

So, what’s going on? Denials and approvals from different sources mean that Lucas is still a Sao Paulo player. In fact, if he does move to Paris, it’s likely he won’t actually start playing for the French side before January, as they are already at the limit of non-EU players, unless they find away of ditching someone just before the season starts. Where did all this PSG thing come from, after it looked like only Manchester United were left in the race for the player?

First of all, don’t forget that PSG are going after everything that makes a little bit of noise in the transfer columns. Just to show they can, and that they’re a financial force to be reckoned with I guess, but maybe they do see the midfielder as a cornerstone to their future.

Eventually, if the Brazilian version is to be believed, it’s all a matter of money. Manchester United offered €38 million, but PSG can offer more. Thanks to Leonardo, it seems that Lucas, after also talking or hearing through the grapevine about life in the English city, has opted he wants to begin his European career in Paris, instead of the dull life in Manchester.

According to this version, Alex Ferguson tried all Sunday to get in touch with Lucas and his club, but to no avail. The lad is in his hotel with the national team and the head coach, who might be even playing along and pushing him towards the move to Paris. The knowledge that PSG are quite a breeding ground at the moment from Brazilian players – Thiago Silva, Nene and Thiago Motta (Italian as well) might have been another reason for choosing the up and coming French club to one of the most successful sides in Europe over the last 20 years.

Friday and Saturday were all about how Lucas is already a United man. He will be at Old Trafford on Tuesday, probably starting on the bench as Brazil take on South Korea in the semifinals of the Olympic tournament. Whether he’ll be actually sitting on that bench with a red shirt in a very short time remains to be seen, but there are more and more signs indicating that he won’t be – even rumors that he spent a day in Paris over the weekend and watched the match vs Barcelona, although those seem to be rumors, nothing more. Just like the one that said he’s undergoing a medical with Manchester United.

In the world of transfer speculations and rumors, don’t believe anything until you see a player holding a team’s shirt.