Lucian Bute Still a Mystery

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Now, after beating Glen Johnson, Lucian Bute, the Romanian – Canadian IBF Super Middleweight champion is 30-0 with 24 knockouts in his career. Still, the unimpressive line of fighters he’s beaten for the past 8 years leaves us doubtful as to where he ranks among the world’s best.

His win over the 42 year old Glen Johnson came after Bute didn’t get two other fighters to take the bout in Candada. Both Mikkel Kessler and later Kelly Pavlik turned down the title shot, so the Road Warrior, Glen Johnson, respected buy way way past his prime, was the man for the job.

And it was Bute’s fight throughout the 12 round bar for one. Johnson didn’t agree in the end, but it didn’t really matter – I think I won the fight. I beat him with one hand. It’s tough to win in your opponent’s hometown because as soon as he does one little thing, the crowd goes crazy instead of paying attention to what the punches are telling you.

Canada is becoming more and more of a boxing capital and has both Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute to draw in the crowds (15,000 enthusiastic fans last night).

Bute will wait for the Super Six Final between Andre Ward and Carl Froch to get his shot. Ward is the favorite to win, unless you read British press, which live in a different planet. Ward may not be exciting to watch, but it’s going to be a huge surprise if Froch beats him. And that will give Bute his chance.

He didn’t knockout Johnson, but the friendship between the two seemed to hold him back a bit. Bute kept avoiding the jab and countered enough with his own, but never really brought the pain on the Jamaican. Enough to win, not enough (or neccesary) to knock him out. Bute might be a star in Quebec, but he needs bigger names to face him, be it in Canada or the United States.