Luis Suarez Banned For Nine Matches and Four Months – Liverpool & Uruguay Screwed

The Bite

It seems that whatever Luis Suarez does, his club, Liverpool, gets hurt more than anything else. Proportionate? Sane? FIFA suspended the Uruguayan striker for nine international matches and four total months from any footballing activity, which means his World Cup is over with Uruguay, and he won’t be able to play for Liverpool until late October. All that for one bite on Georgio Chiellini.

Biting isn’t as dangerous as deliberate tackling, punching or headbutting. It’s weird because it “doesn’t belong in the game” but there’s nothing dangerous about it. But the Premier League didn’t see it that way when they banned Suarez for 10 matches after biting Ivanovic at the end of the 2012-2013 season. FIFA and its independent disciplinary committee didn’t see it that way as well, forcing the incredible ban on him.

Why does FIFA impose the ban on club football as well? Who knows. Maybe Liverpool fans will say it’s something of conspiracy that has to do with Manchester United and Alex Ferguson. But in all seriousness, this is another case of just how hypocritical governing bodies can be, and going with the popular trend in terms of public opinion instead of using some common sense and being level headed.

It’s hard to say how will this affect Uruguay, who looked like a team that doesn’t belong in the tournament when Suarez wasn’t playing in the first match. It certainly makes them huge underdogs in the round of 16 match against Colombia.

And Liverpool? Last season they had to handle six matches without Suarez before getting him back. If the ban isn’t appealed and reduced, it’s going to be a lot more for them and him this time, including Champions League and different cup competition.

This has nothing to do with the media hounding him. It has everything to do with Suarez not learning anything from his past, and everything to do with FIFA not using an ounce of reason in their decisions.

Over the last couple of weeks rumors have emerged of Suarez leaving Liverpool for Barcelona or maybe Real Madrid. It’s hard to believe that kind of transfer will be possible now, unless Liverpool are willing to accept a cutoff price.

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