Luis Suarez Between Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid

For now, Luis Suarez is concentrated on succeeding with Uruguay in the Confederations Cup, but the issue of his employment place next season is bothering him, no doubt. Suarez wants to leave Liverpool and the Premier League, but has his own demands as for the destination. Only Barcelona or Real Madrid for him.

Most of the news and indications seem to be directing him to Real Madrid. But unlike other shady dealings in the past involving the club (Luis Figo is the first name that comes to mind), there is no contract between the two sides that forces Suarez to push for his sale according to his interviews.

Luis Suarez

He’s simply worried about two things: Playing for a club that is not in the Champions League, and the overwhelming media backlash against him (According to him, well undeserved and taken out of proportion).

A player always aspires to be at the top of their profession and Madrid is at the top for any football player. But, do you know what it is like to play for Liverpool? 

It disturbs me that Liverpool are not in the Champions League every season. I’ve suffered at Liverpool,but when I think of what it represents to play for this club, & the love my daughter has for the club. She sings the hymn. The hairs on my neck stand up when I play at Anfield.

How much can one bite sully all the goals I’ve scored? If people knew the stuff that happens to me on the pitch, the kicks, the insults,they wouldn’t judge me. I could write a book on it.

Luis Suarez

Suarez isn’t ignoring the fact that he has a contract with Liverpool, and unless the club consent to his demands to be allowed to leave, it’s at least one more season for him (signed until 2016) with Liverpool, when hopefully things might start to change for the better in terms of his behavior, his feelings towards his treatment outside the club and the team’s own success. Personally, Suarez had a brilliant campaign with 23 league goals, which could have been much more if not for his late-season suspension.

It seems like Suarez has genuine love for the club. It’s hard to disagree with the fact that he gives his all and more every time he’s out on the pith, regardless of the opponents. Suarez is an all-out kind of player, and the passion that burns within him is what drives him to do anything he can to win. Including cheat, or lose his mind for split seconds and bite opposing players.

How does this end? Unless Real Madrid make one huge offer (£35 million?), there’s no way Suarez is leaving. He’s too important to the future plans of the club in order for them to see him go away. Barcelona? It’s hard to believe that after they’ve already spent €57 million on Neymar, another huge signing to their attacking line is coming, not to mention the players (Pedro, Alexis Sanchez, David Villa) that are still on the team.

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