Luis Suarez Biting Branislav Ivanovic Isn’t Such a Bad Foul

It’s easy to mark Luis Suarez as a villain – the diving, the racism incident, and now biting Bransilav Ivanovic on the arm during the 2-2 draw between Liverpool and Chelsea. But is it truly the end of the world and one of the worst offenses a footballer can commit? Nope, and it would be wise for the FA to treat this as something that deserves no more than a two match suspension.

Because even if it is a rare occasion – seeing a player bite someone else, there are dozens of harsher fouls, much more dangerous to the health of other players, committed every week that the FA ignores because the referee addressed the situation on the pitch, only to get it wrong. The crusade to protect the referees, who are not above the game, and football would be able to go on without them, is one of the stupidest things governing bodies do instead of simply making the right choices and decisions, even if they’re in retrospect.

Same goes with the Suarez bite. A headbutt to the face of a player is worse. A two legged challenge is worse. A deliberate kick or slide into the knee or shin of a player is much worse. Ivanovic will have a bruise, bite marks and possibly a scar. Maybe even mental, although I’ve seen Ivanovic do dirtier fouls and grabs himself so I doubt this will really remain in his mind besides being a funny incident by a quirky yet talented player like Luis Suarez, who does need to learn and behave, but shouldn’t be deal with too harshly.

Suarez Bite