Luis Suarez is the Best Player in South America When Wearing the Uruguay Uniform

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup. The 2011 Copa America. Luis Suarez might be struggling along with Liverpool this season with scoring, but he exploded in the 2014 World Cup qualification match at Montevideo between Uruguay and Chile, scoring four goals in the 4-0 demolition.

Three matches gone by, Uruguay are undefeated with 7 points, leading the group, and Luis Suarez has five goals. But it’s more than his scoring ability. It’s the spirit which is displayed by the entire Uruguay team, that just steamrolled their way over a Chilean side that does play very pleasing football, but was just too soft, lacking backbone and fighting spirit against a side that is the best in South America right now, better than Brazil or Argentina.

I was talking to a Uruguayan friend during the match, who told me about the La Garra Charrua. The The Charrúa were an indigenous people of southern South America in the area today known as Uruguay. They symbolize fighting spirit, some usually say Diego Perez, the axe in the middle of the field, represents best on this national side.

Uruguay have been blessed in recent years with (finally) an abundance of talent coming through together, at the right time. But talent, as we’ve seen time after time again, is no guarantee. The commitment for the nation, which seems to be rarer and rarer in today’s game, which is much more Club-oriented, is pushing Uruguay above the rest.

While Diego Forlan’s ability is diminishing, his effect on the side in terms of confidence is irreplaceable, but Uruguay showed today, with Luis Suarez’ amazing ability to score in all forms, shapes and ways, that there’s enough up front without him. Cavani was unfortunate with his opportunities today, but his scoring prowess is undeniable.

Forget about Suarez’ struggles with Liverpool. The teams is completely reliant on him this season, which makes it easy to defend. Suarez still gets two-three clear cut chances a match, he’s that hard to defend, man to man, zone or double teamed, but luck isn’t at his side. Put on the Sky Blue, and the balls keep finding the net. His balance, aerial ability, quick reactions and that amazing spin make him one of the more complete strikers in the world today and pretty much unstoppable when spearheading the Uruguay attack.