Luis Suarez Meme Showing No One Will Ever Forget His Biting

Luis Suarez Biting Meme

Besides biting and diving, Luis Suarez is known for being a fantastic football player, one of the best in the world. But this meme of Wojciech Szczesny slapping/hitting him suggests it’s the former that everyone has on their mind when seeing the Barcelona striker.

In the 1-1 draw between Barcelona and Roma at the Olimpico, Szczesny fouled Suarez in the penalty box in what should have been ruled as a spot kick by the referee. But Suarez’ reputation often precedes him and robs him and his team from justice.

Szczesny knew he clipped Suarez but had to act all insulted that the Uruguayan would try to dive on him. So while Suarez was calling for a penalty, the Polish goalkeeper stood up and hit/slapped him, which was completely ignored by the referee.

Suarez did score the goal for Barcelona off of a nice assist from Ivan Rakitic. Roma equalized through Alessandro Florenzi in one of the best goals we’ll see this year if not the best of them.

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