Luis Suarez Will Never Stop Diving

If there was any doubt about Luis Suarez and his ability to change. The 3-2 win over Argentina proved the Uruguay striker, known for his diving and other less than class-act antics on the pitch, isn’t putting his past behind him, winning a penalty for Uruguay by a blatant and disgraceful dive.

Who is to blame? The player himself is obviously an easy choice. This isn’t the first time and isn’t the last time Suarez will dive to win a penalty or a foul, although in his defense, he has learned that these things are looked at a lot less lightly than they are in South America. The referee and the linesmen obviously for missing how Suarez wasn’t even touched or nudge by the Argentina defense. Obviously, FIFA are the biggest side at fault here, for reasons we have mentioned around a hundred times over the last two years alone. Goal line technology isn’t enough – replays have to be a part of the system and decision making by referees in order to avoid injustice and cheating, not to mention heavy suspensions to those caught cheating.

Uruguay’s win wasn’t enough to give them automatic qualification, as they finished behind Chile and Ecuador (goal difference to Ecuador) and now have to play Jordan in the intercontinental playoffs, a two-legged encounter they’ll be heavy favorites to win in. Suarez converted the penalty kick he himself helped win, making it 39 goals for him for the national team and his 11th in the qualifying campaign.