Macedonia vs Slovakia – Worst Refereeing Ever?

We don’t have too much information about this U-18 match between Slovakia and Macedonia, but it’s clearly one of the worst officiated matches we’ve ever come across, reeking of match fixing by the referee and the linesmen.

The match in Skopje between the young players ended in a 1-1 draw, with pretty much every 50-50 and much more obvious decisions going Macedonia’s way, and that’s probably a soft way of putting it. It looked like the refs were looking for every excuse to penalize the Slovakian players, and were determined not to let them walk off the pitch with a win.

At some point even the crowd begins laughing from disbelief at the incredible decisions being made at an alarming rate, and although the clip is edited, the feeling is that this was a poorly officiated match with just one side being punished for it.

It’s actually quite incredible that the Slovakian players managed to remain calm throughout the ordeal, but the Slovakian FA has already filed a complaint to the Macedonian one. Slovakia beat Macedonia 6-0 in the first match between the two sides a week earlier, so some might see this as a sort of revenge cooked up by the Macedonian side, insulted by the previous defeat.

Match fixing, incompetence or simply an attempt to get back at the Slovakian side, it was a disgrace. The referees names are apparently Stojčevski – Nedeski, Stojančevski, who are Macedonian of course. For more on this, check out this Slovakian report (you’ll need to use translate unless you speak it) or check out the discussion brewing on reddit.