Manchester City – Sergio Aguero is Already Their Greatest Premier League Scorer

Sergio Aguero

With 61 goals in 95 matches, Sergio Aguero is the top scorer for Manchester City in the Premier League era. It has taken him just over three season to reach that distinction, which proves just how bad things were for the club before the big money from the Emirates arrived.

The trend when it comes to records in England is to erase anything that’s happened during the Football League era. Why? Hard to say. Maybe some branding thing going on. But with the Premier League being around since 1992, anything that has happened before that seems to be pushed to the back row.

Manchester City have quite a few scorers of 100 goals or more. Their top 10 scorers of all-time consists of players who have scored at least 116 league goals, led by Eric Brook (1928-1939) and Tommy Johnson (1920-1930), both with 158 league goals.

The last player to even make the top 10 was Colin Bell with 117 league goals, and he hasn’t played since 1979. He was part of the squad that won the league championship in 1968, the last league title for City until Aguero scored that goal against QPR in 2012, the most important goal in club history because of what it meant to the development of the ambitious project next to the Red Devils.

The top scorers in the Premier League era for City are all from recent years: Carlos Tevez has 58 goals, and he’s been gone for more than a season. Edin Dzeko, who arrived in 2011, is next with 48 league goals for the club.

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