Manchester City – Yaya Toure Threatening to Leave

It hasn’t been the best of seasons for Manchester City or Yaya Toure, and if things continue to head south in the relationship between the club and the player, we might start seeing rumors revolving around offers for the Ivorian, who most would agree is one of the two-three most important players the team has playing for them over the last four seasons.

Although Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, claims it’s not about the money but more about the length of the next contract, it’s never wise to believe agents or footballers or anyone who is claiming it’s not about the money. Toure signed a five year deal when he arrived from Barcelona for £24 million, turning into a much more offensive player than he was in Spain, winning the Champions League with Barca as a defensive midfielder sitting behind Xabi and Andres Iniesta. Quite a few people raised their eyebrows when Barcelona sold the excellent player, but they couldn’t offer him the salary (a reported £220,000 a week), not to mention were hoping to free up a lineup spot for Sergio Busquets.

Toure turned into one of the best midfielders in the Premier League, playing better and better in a new, more attacking role each season, so far scoring 16 league goals for the club in 88 matches, compared with the 4 in 74 matches he had for Barcelona. He’s finishing only the third year of his contract with the club, but at 29, it seems he wants an extension, letting him know that he’s going to be taken care of after he starts declining, which might have already begun to happen this season.

In Toure’s defense (not for the money grabbing, but for ability), he’s had to play a more retreated role this season, with the problems City are having in their defensive midfield – Gareth Barry is suddenly looking like an old man when he’s healthy, while Jack Rodwell (now injured) and Javi Garcia are both disappointing when you look at their price tags, forcing Toure to play behind Nasri and David Silva instead of next to them.

How does this end? According to the agent, it’s very simple: If he signs a contract in the next three or four days, okay. If not, we will not wait any longer and will start negotiations with different clubs. Today is Tuesday, so it means by Saturday. We will say ‘Thank you. Okay, Yaya will leave in May.

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