Manchester United – Alex Ferguson Getting Angry Over Nothing

Does everyone across the footballing world have to fall in line with the needs and wants of Alex Ferguson and Manchester United? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped the Scottish manager from being furious with the English FA for letting everyone know that Ashley Young is injured, while the Red Devils are trying to cover up that fact.

Ferguson was furious after the FA announced that the reason Ashley Young, who played for England in all of their four matches of Euro 2012, wasn’t included in the squad for the Moldova and Ukraine matches (World Cup qualifiers) was due to his knee injury, which is supposed to keep him out for two weeks.

Alex Ferguson believes the world revolves around Manchester United, and pulls every possible trick in the media book to capitalize on every slight done to his team by anyone, even if it’s just a manipulation ruse. The FA don’t owe United anything, and don’t owe Ferguson anything. People like to know why regular performers aren’t included in the national team squad, and why should Roy Hodgson or anyone else involved with the national team lie about the matter?

Ferguson himself thinks this is somehow giving an adantage to United’s opponents, making it easier for them to prepare for his side, like Southampton later on Sunday afternoon.

It was nice of the FA to let everyone know that Ashley Young is injured. There is no point giving them any information now. He’s out, he got a knee injury last week, although it’s not serious. Obviously he will be ready for a couple of weeks’ time. We have a game against Southampton. Why should they alert our opponents who’s fit? It won’t happen again.

Ferguson is here to take care of his own’s team interests. We’ve all known that and have been demonstrated that fact time and time again with every bit of controversy regarding the club making its way to the headlines. Managers like Ferguson never admit their players were wrong, never admit they enjoyed a bad decision by the referee, usually spinning things in a different direction. This is just another spin by Ferguson for no apparent, getting angry over something he has no right to dictate terms on.

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