Manchester United – Alex Ferguson Sharing His Opinion When Nobody Wants it

Everyone’s talking about the John Terry suspension, so Sir Alex Ferguson decided that not only the people actually involved with the case or the clubs at hand, Chelsea and QPR, should have their say. As the unofficial king of the Premier League and British Football, he must have his opinion heard.

There are plenty of reasons people outside Manchester (and plenty inside it) feel a distaste when it comes to Manchester United and their manager, most of the times out of jealousy and feeling envious. Ferguson and United haven’t finished below the third position in 20 years, which makes their presence in the headlines and the top of the game hard to endure for some, not to mention all the titles they’ve won.

And then there’s the other side of that success. Of getting treated better by the FA and the referees, mostly because Ferguson has set the ground for years by constantly complaining and constantly commenting about everything and everyone. He’s been at his job longer than anyone, so he probably knows what he’s doing, but it doesn’t make it the right thing when it comes to other clubs and anyone who’s not a Manchester United fan.

As with everyone who commented about the Terry issue, Ferguson has his own interest. The rivalry with Chelsea and having his own player, Rio Ferdinand, personally involved in the matter. Was it necessarily for Ferguson to comment? We probably could have lived without his words of wisdom on the FA and Terry, but that hasn’t stopped the sir from making his opinion heard.

There is a danger of it resurrecting itself because it has been going on so long. But the fact he got a four-game ban, he may consider that is quite lenient considering Luis Suarez got eight. It is time to move on and so should the game.

If not for Alex Ferguson’s presence  many believe that Luis Suarez wouldn’t have gotten an 8 match ban. I wonder what the Terry punishment would have been if his racial slur would have gone against a Manchester United player. Probably not as lenient, compared to the punishment Suarez received.

Ferguson also had things to say about Rio Ferdinand and his chances to make the England team once again. A defender who hasn’t been doing too well for United over the last couple of seasons shouldn’t be playing for the national team, despite his record and experience. In the present, he just doesn’t have a place, which probably doesn’t bother his United manager too much.

I wouldn’t think he will get called up. Roy Hodgson made his decision before the European Championships and I can’t see him changing that. It would be difficult for him now to go back to Rio Ferdinand and welcome him back.

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