Manchester United – Danny Welbeck is Their Next Dirty Diver

In the end, it didn’t really matter. Manchester United scored four goals in the second half, beating Wigan convincingly. The first half penalty won by Danny Welbeck and missed by Javier Hernandez didn’t change a thing, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ali Al Habsi never touched the player.

There was a lot of noise around Ashley Young, ‘going down to easily’ as Alex Ferguson half admitted he dived in two instances that won United unfair penalties. In Welbeck’s case, there wasn’t even a touch. He was simply beyond the goalkeeper and decided to drop, with the referee not being able to see what actually happened. As refereed tend to do – when you don’t see what happened, rule in favor of the big team.

He dived, he dived for the penalty, you’ll see it on the replay. The penalty was as bad a decision as you’re going to see. It is a shocking decision, in many ways you find yourself fighting against a mountain. I’ve come to United three times now, we’ve had three players sent off, we just never seem to be measured in the same manner.

It really didn’t make a difference, but this was another case of proving to us referees, only human and sometimes pretty bad at their jobs, need help from someone who’s watching TV screens and replays. Justice, fairness, should be a big part of this game. Being able to fool the referee by taking the easy way shouldn’t.