Manchester United – Angel di Maria Gets a Very Rough Welcome

Angel di Maria

Another match, another new big-name and big-money signing, yet nothing changes for Louis van Gaal and Manchester United. Angel di Maria seems to be the next in line of a long list of players confused as to the tactics that are being utilized and the assignments they’re required to do, resulting in bad football, hardly any chances created and still no wins under the new manager.

Up until now, Manchester United have spent €185 million on new players arriving to the club this summer. All those years of trying to be different when compared to Chelsea and Manchester City have gone down the drain. Manchester United aren’t a special club or unique. They simply had a unique personality as their manager for nearly 30 years, which was all the difference between them and the rest.

Van Gaal is asking for patience until his system works. A trio in the back isn’t something that’s going to stay forever, will it? No one knows anymore. All the theories on how Manchester United will look under a “real” manager compared to David Moyes are being torn up and thrown away. So far this 3-4-1-2 system or whatever one might want to call it isn’t working. Sure, maybe players need some time to familiarize themselves with what’s happening, but it’s not just a matter of patience and time.

Louis van Gaal

Manchester United have two points in three Premier League matches, and another League Cup loss which is hard to define how bad it is: It did happen to a League 1 side and they lost by four goals, but none of the players on the pitch are in Van Gaal’s long term plans. Still, some of the players on the pitch played a key part in a title-winning side not too long ago. Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up.

Manchester United have created maybe five or six really dangerous chances near the goal over their three league matches. That’s something to worry about, because even if the system is difficult to adjust to, especially with players constantly coming in, the sheer talent on the offensive end with Robin van Persie (still injured), Wayne Rooney (too fulfilled due to the contract?) and Juan Mata (Jose Mourinho knew what he was doing?) should be enough to put Manchester United in better positions regardless of the failing tactics.

With every dropped point or two (or three), panic ensues. It’s hard to say if each signing is part of a bigger plan or just a panic purchase because things aren’t going as well as planned. Angel di Maria is an incredible talent, but like most players on the planet, he needs a certain system and positioning to perform in the manner expected of him. Right now, it doesn’t look like it’s going in that direction.

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