Manchester United – David Moyes Losing his Players Confidence

Disappointed Moyes

Not that it’s very surprising considering the results and his actual credentials, but stories are beginning to pop up regarding Manchester United players not exactly giving their full support to struggling manager David Moyes, with some of them not exactly feeling that he’s the right man for the job.

According to the Guardianseveral players have noted that Moyes’ lack of Champions League experience and his empty trophy cabinet at home is a reason to be worried heading into the second half of the season. It’s funny that Manchester United have actually done quite well in a competition Moyes has never managed in before, but maybe it has something to do with the players themselves – confidence and motivation differ from match to match.

There’s also been some concern (not for the first time) about Moyes’ decision to revamp the boot room and get rid of the staff that helped Alex Ferguson behind the scenes make Manchester United champions last season (winning the title by 11 points). If things were working so well, why change it now?

The cracks have been beginning to show even without secret dressing room leaks. Nemanja Vidic isn’t planning on signing an extension with the club at the moment. Rio Ferdinand has been criticizing Moyes for making his lineup selections so close to the match. Danny Welbeck himself has voiced some concerns about the club’s chances to make it into the top 4 again and reach the Champions League.

I can understand why fans are concerned. We are not around the Champions League spots at the moment. We need to get our form back and just win the next matches. I cannot pinpoint one thing why this is happening. We were champions last season and we know that the consistency in our game has not been good enough. It is a new experience for us all but the main thing we have to do is look at the next game.

Moyes is also going to be fined or suspended by the FA for his recent comments about referees, both after the Tottenham loss in the league (where his accusations and complaints weren’t justified) and the 2-1 defeat to Sunderland in the League Cup, where he actually had a very good point.

Moyes wants to create something new at Old Trafford, that doesn’t resemble the team of Alex Ferguson. New style, new staff and probably a lot of new players once he gets the chance to do significant changes. The question is how much will it take for the team to lose this season to make him understand that something in his whole process he’s trying to see through isn’t exactly right?

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