Manchester United – Is Robin van Persie Just Getting Better

Van Persie & Moyes

Being one of the least decorated players on the Manchester United squad, age doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for Robin van Persie as he continues to prove he’s the best striker in the Premier League, and only getting better as he gets older.

Peaks are an individualistic matter. Some players reach their best when they’re 23… others when they’re 28. For most of his Arsenal career, Van Persie was in and out of the lineup, often derailing his development with injuries. But after coming back from another one in 2010, he had an incredible 2011 half to the 2010-2011 season, scoring close to a goal per game as he led Arsenal to another top 4 finish.

The next season was his absolute best, even though it didn’t mean anything for the team. Van Persie ended up scoring 30 league goals and winning the individual awards sweep. A top 4 finish with Arsenal, nothing more. Last season with Manchester United? His first with a team that seems capable of winning something? Van Persie played in all 38 matches for the second straight season, scoring 26 goals, winning the top scorer title, and most importantly, the league title for the first time.

And maybe it’s that hunger for titles that’s keeping him on top of his, and the English game, shortly after celebrating his 30th birthday. Van Persie was absolutely prolific in the 4-1 win over Swansea City, signaling to everyone that Manchester United aren’t going anywhere this season despite their lack of activity in the transfer window, something that possibly makes him angry, shown in an interview after United picked up the Community Shield trophy.

It’s hard to find too many World Class and consistent players on the current Manchester United squad. In any case, Van Persie has to be the best of them, not to mention the most influential and important for the team, as their complete dependence on his finishing ability seemed to be the difference between them and the rest of the league.

David Moyes isn’t bringing in any new players, so the biggest factor he has to rely on for future success is Van Persie and his scoring ability. If he keeps on scoring like he’s been for the last two seasons and a half, there’s no way Manchester United aren’t in the mix for the title, unlike early predictions that don’t really show a great deal of belief in the current champions.

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