Manchester United & Robin van Persie Prove Everybody Wrong

Manchester United vs Swansea

Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t going to be the season Manchester United collapse into oblivion. Maybe David Moyes is going to be a success, and maybe Wayne Rooney will find his place on this team eventually. With Robin van Persie remaining as clinical as he’s been over the last three years, there’s no reason their eternal success shouldn’t endure the managerial change.

The midfield isn’t at its strongest, and David Moyes has got to be blamed in someway for the team failing in the transfer market up to his point in finding the right kind of player in order to improve the team. But this is a squad that finished on top of the Premier League last season with more than a month to spare, and have the best scorer in the Premier League for the last three seasons.

A lifetime of work doesn’t just disappear, as it showed in their 4-1 win over Swansea City, with Danny Welbeck also enjoying the fragile and eventually broken up Welsh defense to finish with a brace, matching up with Robin van Persie’s contribution. A few months since Alex Ferguson retired, and Manchester United open the season on top of the Premier League after its first Saturday.

It seems that the worse Manchester United play, at least early in a game, the better they’ll finish it. Swansea had complete control in the midfield, but have players, except for Michu and Bony (who should have come on earlier) who prefer passing to anything else. That edge that was missing was displayed at its finest form on the other end, as it seemed United, through Van Persie and the always so clever Ryan Giggs made the most of any opening given to them.

David Moyes knows it’s only the beginning, and less naive teams and defenses will show up along the way, and very early on as well, as he’s already complained about. But Manchester United aren’t going anywhere. Not with the experience and quality that this team has in its squad, even if they still haven’t the spend the amount of money we’ve seen from some of their rivals.

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