Manchester United – Sucking up to Cristiano Ronaldo

Seeing the Champions League draw between Real Madrid and Manchester United was bound to bring back some memories for Cristiano Ronaldo, facing his former club for the first time since departing  but I don’t think anyone expected the love-fest going on between the sides, especially from Alex Ferguson.

Ronaldo didn’t leave on bad terms, but despite receiving the highest fee ever paid for a footballer, Ferguson wasn’t too happy about having his hand forced to sell his player. He called Real Madrid a virus, and a club he never wants to deal with again. True, presidents have changed at the Santiago Bernabeu, but suddenly all this talk of missing Cristiano Ronaldo and about how it was all OK when he left seems a bit awkward.

Patrice Evra even called out through the media and said he wants Cristiano Ronaldo to return to United. Evra isn’t certain to stay there for much longer, considering his slippery form, but he discussed that he’s still in touch with the player and believes he belongs back in United, despite not achieving too much with Real Madrid.

He has done some incredible things for Real Madrid, he broke all the records, but they didn’t show him the respect he deserves. When Ronny was here, he got the love from all the players, the manager and the fans. He is a winner. But he likes people to like him. He misses Manchester United because it was his house. I always say I hope he will come back because this is his home. If he wants to win the Golden Ball he has to come back to Manchester United.

How do you appeal to the ego of Ronaldo? Say to him that he’s the best in the world, better than Lionel Messi. I’m not sure if this is all a try to get into his head nearly two months before the first match takes place between the two teams or is there actually some movement from United in an attempt to stroke the big ego of their former player, hoping the chance of him actually asking to leave Real Madrid due to his “unhappiness” and frankly, lack of titles up to this point, brings him back.

Ronaldo himself talked about his ongoing relationship with Alex Ferguson, and how he’ll do what has become customary in recent years for some players when playing against their former clubs – he won’t celebrate if he scores. Something that used to be a rare demonstration of fake loyalty, but now is done by pretty much everyone in some sort of flattery movement towards football fans, who prefer to see true emotions on the field.

I won’t celebrate if I score against United. I still speak with Ferguson. I miss him a lot, and I miss Manchester United. I felt very good there, it was like a family. I had six great years there and am still friends with my team-mates. It is thanks to Manchester United that I am here playing for Real Madrid. Without them, I wouldn’t be the player I am today.

This all is presided by Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho. Bitter rivals when Mourinho was in England, something that began while he was at Porto and knocked Ferguson out of the Champions League, on his way to his first trophy. There wasn’t too much love between the two when Mourinho was the manager of Chelsea, but Ferguson doesn’t mind being friendly to people once they’re no longer in his way. Meeting Mourinho for two matches once every few years generates love, not hate. Mourinho has to keep his mouth shut as well, knowing that Ferguson has a big role to play in the choosing of his successor.

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