Manchester United – The Champions of Diving

Adnan Januzaj

Not that it surprises anyone, but so far this season Manchester United players have been cautioned with a yellow card more than anyone else in the Premier League for simulation, making them the expected champions of diving at this stage of the season.

According to this chart, Manchester United players have been booked four times this season so far for diving so far. The interesting fact about this number is that three of the four yellow cards have been given to Adnan Januzaj, quickly making a name for himself as the worst diver in the league, not to mention an outright cheat. One thing that’s been working out quite well for him recently is simply not getting minutes, while Ashley Young, another player notorious for falling easily, has taken his spot in the lineup.

Chelsea and Everton both have two simulation warnings this season, with someone like Oscar also quickly becoming infamous for the ease in which he falls to the ground. There have been other instances, like Ramires winning that laughable penalty kick against West Brom at the beginning of the season, which somehow went unnoticed by referees.

10103123824 51c8abdae1 o Adnan Januzaj booked for diving v Sunderland [GIF]

When Januzaj and Young were caught for diving earlier this season, Moyes mentioned he’d talk to them about it. Later on, as the results have gotten worse and his chats didn’t really seem to work (if they happened at all), he started attacking the referees for not doing a great job, missing out on penalty kicks his team deserved and needlessly targeting his own players.

Maybe Manchester United do attract more attention than others because of their history and high profile, but it doesn’t mean that the referees were wrong to book Januzaj and Hernandez for diving.

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