Manchester United – The New 2013-2014 Kit

I guess it’s that time of year, because it looks like every big club around Europe is starting to leak out their kits for next season, although this one, a new Manchester United jersey, looks somewhat suspicious. Maybe their going for a heavy dose on the retro look, but don’t be surprised if eventually this doesn’t turn out to be the actual new shirt.

If this is the new design, it seems we’re in for some major overhauls. Of course the red in the home matches doesn’t change, and probably never will. No more variations of red in what looks like a table cloth these days, but an all-red throughout it. It also gets the button treatment, with two under the color, giving it a more sophisticated (???) kind of look. It also slightly reminds what the French did with their major overhaul of their national team jerseys.

In terms of the sponsor, AON continues to be it for the 2013-2014 season before United make their next change, and start playing with Chevrolet on their shirts in 2014-2015.