Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Choosing to Sign Marouane Fellaini

Marouane Fellaini Everton

With the transfer deadline approaching, it seems Manchester United are focusing on signing only one of the two Everton players they were after. The Toffees aren’t going to let go of both of them, so the Red Devils are focusing on bringing in Marouane Fellaini, considering him to be more important and fitting to improving their squad than Leighton Baines.

The double offers for both players from United seem to have stopped, and so has the low-balling. There is only one week left in order to complete deals, and David Moyes isn’t getting it done with overseas targets, so it seems the focus has shifted completely to something a little bit closer to home.

Fellaini has been looking for a move for quite some time, but hasn’t been giving the team any problems about it, at least publicly, appearing in their two opening draws against Norwich and West Brom. However, up until now, United’s offers have been about both Baines and Fellaini, offering something a lot lower than what Everton believe they deserve to get for the Belgian midfielder, who was signed by them for  £15 million in 2008.

Manchester United have a starting left back they’re happy with, even though he isn’t as good as he was in the past. The midfield? Clear to see it needs some help, with Carrick and Cleverley, or whatever other combination Moyes opts to use lacking in one way or another in terms of creativity and defense. Fellaini does provide a better attacking option which might overlap with Kagawa or anyone else who plays in front of him, but does bring the physicality factor that seems to be missing.

If a deal is to be done, it’ll take at least £25 million, which is probably overpaying for him, to make it work. Everton don’t have time to bring in a new player, so if they actually sell Fellaini in the next seven days, they’ll want to make sure they’re more than fairly compensated for his departure.

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