Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Still Dreaming About Marco Reus

Marco Reus

Despite their disappointing form, Manchester United see themselves as an elite European club, and one that can go after the best and brightest talent in Europe. On their shortlist? Marco Reus of Broussia Dortmund, although at the moment it doesn’t sound like a realistic target.

According to the Bild, David Moyes might be saying he isn’t keen on signing anyone in January, but behind the scenes the club is a bit more desperate for a big name that has very small chances of flopping like United’s most expensive signing this season, Marouane Fellaini, possibly the biggest failure in Europe considering the amount paid for him along with Erik Lamela of Tottenham.

The thing about this whole theoretical transfer situation? It makes no sense in January. Dortmund aren’t strapped for cash and even though they have drifted quite a lot from Bayern Munich, there’s still plenty to play for – second place and the Champions League. It’s hard to see that happening without one of the team’s best player, who also might be the best German player at the moment. 

Dortmund might actually be a better team than Manchester United. Their name might not be worth the millions United’s is, but Dortmund have been more successful than Manchester United in recent years, and surveying the squads both teams have, I’m not sure Dortmund aren’t the better team on most days.

So a January transfer? Doesn’t seem likely, and Reus is someone that’s going to cost quite a lot of money (around £30 million). Reus himself has mentioned he has no interest in leaving, right now at least. Things change quickly for footballers.

If Manchester United try and sign him in the summer; well, that’ more reasonable. Dortmund know they can’t hold on to players forever, but the fact that they’ll already be losing Robert Lewandowski to Bayern Munich will make it that much harder to sign Reus.

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