Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Wayne Rooney Isn’t Leaving No Matter What

Wayne Rooney AON

While Wayne Rooney may have made up his mind and decided he’s leaving to Chelsea, Manchester United see things a little bit differently, and have no intention of letting the England international leave, especially not to a rival club.

According to the Guardian, no amount of money coming from Chelsea (and seeing as the early bids weren’t very impressive, there’s not too much cash to expect heading their way) is going to convince them to sell Rooney, who has been asking out since the end of the season, and just seems to be more stubborn about the matter with time.

But United see the potential sale of Rooney as a turning point they do not want to reach. It will signal to others that the club bent to a players’ will, which is pretty much everything United isn’t about, while it will also show that Chelsea, a direct rival of United’s for titles for quite some time, managed to draw away one of the team’s best players.

Rooney himself is currently with the English national team, preparing for the friendly match against Scotland. Despite United claims that he has been injured, there seems to be no problem in the English camp. If this was Alex Ferguson, he’d probably hit out at Hodgson or the FA for letting the public know about private club business, but under Moyes, things are quite different.

How does this end? Rooney might not get what he wishes, which is a new team to play for, but United aren’t exactly keeping the most motivated player on board. With no new signings at the moment, Rooney remains a very crucial piece of their puzzle, regardless of what his role may be.

Unless David Moyes manages to patch up things with the forward, there’s a feeling that Rooney’s dissatisfaction with the turn of events eventually keeping him at the club might have some negative impact on the team in the very near future.

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