Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Wayne Rooney Will Officially Ask to Leave

Wayne Rooney Manchester United

What’s the difference between simply being unhappy and wanting to leave than actually handing in a transfer request? Hard to say, but there seems to be some importance to this formality, with Wayne Rooney on the verge of handing in his official transfer request, and Manchester United once again waiting for an improved offer from Chelsea.

Maybe it’s about the war of words and a battle of versions. Footballers don’t like it when fans, even from their former clubs, think badly of them. Rooney cares about what United fans think about him, and he might be trying to push his way out of the club without putting in that transfer request so United fans, who aren’t too in love with him for quite some time, won’t be able to put his exit on him, but on the new manager or directors.

For Chelsea, it doesn’t really matter. According to the Mirror & Daily Mail they are set to meet with United officials this week and try and see if there’s anything to discuss regarding the player. Chelsea had a fee of £23 million rejected, and it’s unlikely that anything below £30 million will be enough to sell Rooney, especially with United’s first official match coming up very soon.

However, except for one David Moyes quote about Rooney not being sold we haven’t heard any denials from Manchester United about the chances of Rooney leaving. The truth is that the right offer will see him leave the club, as United will further scramble to find themselves a big name or two to replace him and fill in their midfield issue with the newly injected flow of cash.

Chelsea? Jose Mourinho insists he isn’t selling anyone and only wants to purchase Wayne Rooney. For now, it seems like the truth, but there’s still almost a month of transfers available to be made, so it’s hard to take anything the managers say for granted.

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