Peyton Manning Goes Home Early, Again

Before we bash Manning like we did last year, we gotta say he played well last night. He didn’t force anything, played a solid game, didn’t throw any picks. Solid. The problem is the Colts aren’t a good a team as they usually are this year, and they need more than just a “solid” Manning performance to beat a team like the Jets. Not a perfect team, but a better team than the Colts were in 2011. So, despite throwing for 225 yards and finishing with a quarterback rating of 108.7 (the first time in his career he lost a playoff game while having over 100), the Colts lost, and Manning, one of the best of all time in the position, maybe even the greatest some would say, is now 9-10 in his post season career. And here’s the guy who ended Manning’s post season a bit too early. This time it was Jets kicker, Nick Folk.