Peyton Manning and the Unknown Future

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Is there really a chance Peyton Manning won’t be with the Indianapolis Colts next year? Well, we know he’s not going to be ready for training camp. That has more to do with the fact that Manning underwent a neck surgery, correcting a disc problem he was having. That was his second surgery in 15 months, the first one taken place back in March 2010.

The Colts are supposed to begin their training camp on July 31 in Anderson, Indiana. The four time MVP needs to meet with the Colts’ medical staff before they decide when he can return. The problem is this never ending lockout, although signs point towards an end, finally, which has prevent Manning from meeting anyone from the Colts.

But that’s not all that’s preventing or will stop Peyton Manning from starting this season, his 14th in the NFL and with the Colts, in Indianapolis. Manning might be looking to hit the open market when the lockout is lifted and the lawsuit against the league, which he is a named plaintiff in, will be settled.

Manning is currently franchised by the Colts, about to make over 23 million dollars for one year of service. Manning’s goal is to become an unrestricted free agent, and lock a long term and very high paying deal, something like the one Tom Brady has – Brady signed a four year, 72 million dollar extension less than a year ago, with 48.5 million in guaranteed money. Manning, and Drew Brees as well, see themselves, and rightfully so, as deserving to be equals with Tom Brady in terms of salary.

It’s hard to imagine Manning in anything but the Colts’ uniform. It’s hard to imagine the Colts letting him go, whatever the cost. You just don’t let a quarterback who holds every possible passing record for the franchise go, not while he’s still this good. But we’ve seen strange stuff happen in the NFL and in other leagues recently. Who knows.