Pacquiao Promoting and Preparing, Mayweather Keeps Trash Talking

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While Manny Pacquiao seems to be looking ahead and after his November Juan Manuel Marquez Fight, saying that Profit sharing and such talk is the only thing left to settle between him and Floyd Mayweather so they can have their 2012 super awaited mega fight, Money is in a different state of mind.

Maybe Mayweather is trying to promote his Victor Ortiz fight. Maybe he doesn’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao. Maybe he does, and just trying to be the early bird, getting the trash talking done before there’s even a fight. Well, we’ll begin with what Mayweather senior has to say – Pacquiao’s not the guy to beat Floyd. He just comes out, punching like a woman. He doesn’t have the agility, the movement. 

According to Pacquiao and his promoters, this fight is going down in 2012. No matter what Amir Khan talks about, wants, or whatever Mayweather says. The drug testing thing is figured out, and all they have to do is hash out who get how much money. I got a feeling it won’t be finding the correct amount to satisfy both sides, mostly Mayweather, but we’re getting there.

According to Floyd? Not really. First of all he says that Pacquiao doesn’t intend to have a piece of him no matter what Pac-Man’s camp says. He says he’s been getting requests not to use Pacquiao as a promotion stunt towards his Ortiz fight.

As long as he’s attached to my name, he’s going to make great paydays. As long as he can keep fighting Floyd Mayweather’s leftovers or fighting the fighters that the media has to really pay attention.

Mayweather didn’t stop there –  Y’all (Tami Taylor reference) still speaking on me, but y’all saying you don’t want me speaking on you guys at all. I spoke on that situation enough. There’s no need for me to even speak on it because it’s useless.

As we said, on the Filipino side, things sound and look completely different. Besides crooning during a press conference regarding the Marquez fight (their third), Pacquiao seemed quite convinced that the mega fight IS happening – No more issues, everything is fine. What needs to be done is the profit sharing and also the guaranteed purse of both of us. If it happens, it’s good for me – but if not, I am happy because I have already accomplished in boxing. 

Pacquiao also referred to that fact that Mayweather chose to fight a southpaw like Ortiz in order to get ready for him. So, who do you believe?