Manny Pacquiao And Breaking the Knockout Drought Against Bradley

Manny Pacquiao hasn’t won a boxing fight by knockout since his 2009 11th round TKO against Miguel Cotto, and if he wants to remain, or return, depending on your views, to the top spot on the Pound-4-pound rankings of the sport, he needs to beat Timothy Bradley before it turns to the scorecards.

Out of Pacquiao’s 54 wins, 38 have come by way of knockout. By no means a defensive fighter, Pacquiao doesn’t restrain himself or fights too carefully. He usually wears down opponents by simply out boxing them in terms of numbers. Simply throws more punches, and simply connects more.

Pacquiao’s less than impressive performance against Juan Manuel Marquez doesn’t mean he’s losing it. Sometimes, two fighters’ styles completely match, plus the fact that Marquez kept stepping, unnoticed during the fight, on Pacquiao’s legs, deliberately, and we had ourselves a very evenley matched fight, which went on to Pacquiao on a majority decision.

Going back further on Pacquiao’s win list, he did beat the %&*% out of Antonio Margarito and wasn’t even close to getting hurt by Mosley, Pacquiao didn’t manage to get the KO against them. Margarito simply refuses to give up, while Mosley is simply staying in the ring to make money and refrains from anything even close to taking a risk during a fight, which will probably be seen again when he fights Saul Alavarez.

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, also believes Pacquiao needs to do more than just win against Bradley – I think Manny needs to dominate, to get a knockout on June 9. We can’t keep saying Manny is the pound-for-pound king of boxing unless he does that. But this isn’t like Mosley or Margarito because Manny carried those two guys. He can KO this guy and I really want to see him dominate the fight. He just needs to dominate in this particular fight.