Manu Ginobili Gives Referee a Technical Foul

Sometimes referees make mistakes in NBA games, and it’s a good thing there are players willing to point out those faults, like Manu Ginobili giving one of them a technical foul.

The San Antonio Spurs played the Minnesota Timberwolves in a one-sided affair as it usually is between a tanking team and another that’s thinking of how to defend it’s NBA title.

With Ginobili at the line, handling the situation by going into his zone and preparing to take a shot, the referee (Leroy Richardson) was already bouncing the ball to him in order to take the shot.

Ginobili wasn’t looking, and got hit in the face by the bouncing ball. As a reaction, he decided to T up the referee.

Good thing it was someone with a sense of humor. We’re pretty sure Joey Crawford, one of the worst officials in the history of the league, would have thrown Ginobili out of the game, just like he did to Tim Duncan a few years ago for laughing on the bench.