Mario Balotelli Will let Real Madrid Player Sleep With his Girlfriend


Maybe Mario Balotelli always dreamed about being a pimp, because that’s what he sounds like when he offers up his girlfriend, Fanny Neguesha, as a sex-prize to Real Madrid players if they manage to pull off a huge comeback in their second leg against Borussia Dortmund and qualify to the Champions League final, if widespread rumors are to be believed.

The AC Milan striker is never short of saying or doing controversial things, but offering his significant other, Fanny Neguesha, as a reward for overcoming the 4-1 deficit from the first leg, is pushing it, just a little bit, even for him.

According to forzaitalianfootballBalotelli has said that If Real Madrid come back against Borussia Dortmund and make it to the final of the Champions League, I will let my girlfriend sleep with all the players.

It’s interesting to see what the reaction of the Belgian model, who has been dating Balotelli for the past seven months, will be to his interesting and quite insane offer.