On Mario Gomez Four Goal Haul and the Real Bayern Munich?

Mario Gomez is kind of a mystery, because despite of his incredible numbers, it’s always hard to understand what does he do besides tap in goals, his trademark execution. Whatever it is, it works. The German international scored four goals as Bayern Munich, another kind of mystery, dismantled a cocky FC Basel team 7-0 en route to the Champions League quarter finals.

Bayern are truly a mystery, but mostly rely on the form of two players – Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery. When Robben is in the right mood, he’s just as unstoppable as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The problem is he’s often unhappy about this and that, making him give flat out terrible and lackluster performances on some days. Ribery? It’s not a matter of motivation, but being aggressive with him early on dictates his play for the rest of the match.

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Basel were aggressive in the first leg, aided by the fact that Bastian Schweinsteiger was out and Bayern were going through the worst phase of their season. Everything exploded for Bayern this weekend against Hoffenheim, beating the mid-table minnows 7-1, taking them back into the hunt for the Bundesliga title after Dortmund dropped points. Gomez scored a hat-trick on Saturday.

Three days later, and it’s an easy 7 goal haul for the tall striker. This season, he’s at 21 league goals, leading the Bundesliga for a second consecutive season. In all competitions, including 10 goals in the UCL, Gomez is at 33 in 36 matches.

He’s not the key to Bayern actually making a successful push towards a Bundesliga title or achieving the goal of playing in their own stadium for the Champions League title, their second final in three seasons. Gomez is the given. He’s always there to stretch out his neck or a leg so Bayern can score. Robben, Ribery and a healthy Schweinsteiger are much more important, but also much more volatile.